Our Classes

Our classes are for students age 13 and over. Both men, women and teens progress equally due to the nature of redirection of force within the art, rather than the use of size and strength.

Classes are regularly held every Thursday evening from 7:15pm - 9:00pm, in addition to other days/times as scheduled, at Central Presbyterian Church "Cooper House" 405 Randolph Street, Huntsville, AL. The Cooper House is located across the street from the church on Randolph Street...please enter the building from the back door entrance.

We would like to invite you to come observe a class and speak with the instructor...or even try a class for free. If you want to try a class, be sure to where loose, comfortable fitting clothes. Stop on by on Thursday evening. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing information regarding this unique Japanese Martial Art of Aikido and hope to see you on the mat soon. You can contact us from this website on the "contact us" link or you can call 256-658-4424 and speak with the instructor.

One Night Per Week = $40 / month

If you opt to pay by class = $10 / class

Physical Requirements: All Introductory level classes begin with gentle stretching and preparatory exercises. No athletic background is required or expected. Every student is challenged according to their own abilities. Students begin training at all ages and come from all walks of life, therefore, training is always at a level appropriate to the individual. Through continued training, instruction and individual effort, students are able to increase their physical flexibility, stamina, and performance. This allows each student to receive promotional advancement at his or her own pace (as determined by the Instructor). The nature of Aikido is such that new students who do have an athletic background (distance runners, gymnasts, those from other martial arts, etc) find Aikido training just as challenging and rewarding as other new students.

As students advance they become eligible to receive more advanced training, to include expansion in General and Advanced Tai-jitsu Classes (empty hand), and the introduction to Buki-Waza (weapons training). Participation in more advanced training other than the Introductory or General class is at the discretion of the Instructor. Students of all levels continue to attend the Introductory classes throughout their training. The Sempai (senior students) assist the newer students whenever possible. The relationship is always supportive. A Sempai is always working to improve themselves and their Kohei (junior students) in a responsible and constructive manner. Abusive behavior between students at any level is never tolerated.

We are committed to the value of Lifelong Learning. Additionally, Special Events are available throughout the year to supplement and enhance a student's training.

Seminar Training Day - Aikido of Alabama